We protect your investment by:

  • Proper tenant screening
  • Handling rental income collections
  • Enforcement of landlord rights

Tenant Screening

One of the more difficult tasks in property management, is screening for the most appropriate tenant for your property. The best tenant is one that will stay the longest and uphold all terms and obligations of the lease.

We screen, and screen again. It is essential to properly screen all qualified applicants for your asset.

We run credit reports on all qualified applicants, and perform employment verifications, landlord verifications, credit verifications, and bank verifications, prior to notifying you about potential candidates. We can run a variety of credit reports from the three largest consumer reporting agencies in the country. Most reports are returned within hours.

After verifying all possible information from an applicant, we then present only qualified candidates that would be an appropriate candidate for your residential, commercial, or vacation property.

Rental Income Collections

Without a high percentage of rental income collections, you will not be able to maintain your property.

We have on staff, an Attorney whose most important task is the collection of monies owed. We understand the importance of collecting every dollar owed to you, to your property, to your association.

In addition to collecting rent and/or common fees, other income potentially collected could be:
- Late Fees
- By-Law Fines
- Maintenance Repairs
- Maintenance Damages
- Laundry Income
- Parking Violations

In these tough economic times, all monies due, must be collected. We collectively utilize a number of aggressive methods to ensure a high percentage of collection from telephone calls, personal visits, to court action.

Trust your property to the professionals.


Depending on your property's needs, we will work with you on enforcement.

For a homeowner or investor, we will review with the tenant, the infractions causing difficulties at your property. It could range from non-payment to lease violations. Our solutions always begin with a personal phone call from either the owner or our resident Attorney. If the matter continues to be an issue, we can elect to go to court to resolve the problem.

For a Condominium Association, enforcement can mean the difference between a smooth operating development to one of turmoil. The Bylaws must be applied openly and fairly to all owners. Our general practice is to contact the offending party, followed shortly with a personal letter. A second offense may result in a personal visit or a fine. Repeated violations must be dealt with swiftly and properly.

Our many years of professional residential and commercial management help us to shorten the enforcement cycle. Your problems become our problems. We are your problem solvers!
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