Residential rental application. The below is a rental application for a single family dwelling such as an apartment or a house for the state of Florida. We as an agent of the "Landlord/owner" of the leasable property do not get involved beyond collecting the application and forwarding to "Landlord/owner". Therefore we accept no liability or responsibility of any nature regarding the decision of the "Landlord/owner". NOTE:If the property is in an "association" environment such as most condos etc. are, there will be a second application required together with a small application fee for board of directors processing before the landlord may rent to any individual. The below is just a sample as to what information will need to be ready. The application will be filled out "in person" to ensure proper identification, in order to protect landlord. ****All Applications; Credit records will be checked and previous landlords will be contacted. No exeptions!

If there are any questions of legal nature we advise you to contact an attorney before signing any legally binding agreement!
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